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As Bitcoin remains in the $20k level, inexperienced investors realise their 1 BTC dream.

As Bitcoin remains in the $20k level, inexperienced investors realise their 1 BTC dream

Small traders of late have been able to realize their dream of being the owner of at least 1 Bitcoin (BTC). This event has been made possible because BTC is trading at the $20k price range. It has been 2 years since this phenomenon was last observed.

The Dream of Overnight Millionaires

After internet became mainstream, the popularity of Bitcoin, the world’s biggest digital asset, rose steadily. A sudden burst in prominence had turned early BTC owners into overnight millionaires. It did not take long for other investors to realize Bitcoin’s value.

As a result, many investors have waited eagerly to get a share in the 21 million available Bitcoins. On June 2020, Bitcoin wallet addresses with at least one Bitcoin shot up by 13,091 in only a week. Now that BTC is again trading at the $20k price level, small investors are hopeful of buying a BTC of their own.

Redditors welcome new Investors

People on Reddit are happy to welcome new investors. However, the number of addresses with only one BTC reduced in the days to come. But those who fought their way to own a BTC were warmly received by Redditors.

Some Redditors shared their stories. According to arbalest_22, they spent a total of $35k to own a singly BTC. It took several months of accumulation to finally make a purchase. The Redditor is hopeful of owning more Bitcoins. Right now they aim to procure enough sats (Satoshis) to become the owner of 2 Bitocoins.



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