Sunday, December 3, 2023

As Novo takes on NFTs, Daft Punk meets CryptoPunks.

NFT.NYC 2021, a gathering/conference that represented the public appearance of sorts of the non-fungible token community across the web, was held in early November. CryptoNovo is one of the big names who showed up at the event. His presence was undoubtedly felt by the members of the NFT community. CryptoNovo’s NFT collectibles are currently valued at around $4 million, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and CryptoPunks, among others. CryptoPunk, one of his popular collectibles, is worth around $2.5 million. Remarkably, he uses one of the CryptoPunk NFTs – namely CryptoPunk#3760 – as his face! He does so with the help of a digital mask made from LED lights that project the NFT on his face. This mask hides his actual facial features.


Novo has been reportedly talking about the sudden turnaround of his life due to the sudden rise in the popularity of NFTs. What started as a love for collecting rare comics blew into a full-fledged career in investing in NFTs. Novo appreciates the huge boost to the cryptocurrency and NFTs. This movement has paved the way for common artists to get what they are due for their art – something that big corporations have prevented from happening previously. Novo talks about the fear of being stereotyped negatively due to his newly curated identity in the NFT movement. However, he is always willing to have conversations with people to promote the movement by imparting his knowledge of the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

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