Monday, December 11, 2023

AscendEX Lists Tokens – SIDUS And SENATE

AscendEX has finally listed its Sidus utility token – SIDUS and SENATE governance token. They have been registered as SIDUS/USDT and SENATE/USDT, respectively.

Sidus Heroes is space-themed. It is a play-to-earn multiplayer online role-playing game. The gameplay takes place in the metaverse. It features interstellar exploration and battles. A large number of highly skilled blockchain developers, with years of experience creating DeFi and NFT products, and traditional game developers drive the Sidus Heroes team.

AscendEX says settlement on Sidus Heroes is controlled by a robust political and economic structure. It aims to build a hybrid network ecosystem. Basically, Sidus Heroes is the product of one of the largest collaborations in the NFT space. Experts and community members, from different domains, have worked on its launch. As such, it is the industry’s first WebGL, AAA-level, play-to-earn, NFT RPG game!

Besides becoming immersed in the game, Sidus Heroes can earn and collect monetary rewards. Moreover, the token’s economic and financial models make it possible to build incentives for all players. It offers unique opportunities to earn SIDUS throughout gameplay.

On the other hand, SENATE governance token empowers players to have a voice in the decision-making of the platform. However, it should be noted that the player’s voting power will be determined by the quantity of the SENATE tokens they have. More tokens mean, the user can strut more power and influence in the game.

Furthermore, the SENATE tokens can be used to purchase consumables and accelerators. This helps improve the player’s progress in the game. AscendEX said SIDUS will be the metaverse’s gaming utility token. It has a wide range of utilities which is quite useful in the game.

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