Sunday, December 3, 2023

Atmoyze completes Russia’s first digital asset deal with palladium.

Atomyze, the first Russian company to receive approval for exchanging digital assets in February, launched its first digital token. The digital token is backed by palladium, produced by Nornickel.

Although the central bank of Russia has long voiced its concerns about cryptocurrencies, Atomyze received approval in February and has already launched its first token. Vladimir Potanin, a businessman, remarked that the ushering in of Russia’s first digital token would mark the beginning of a new era of tokenization in the Russian economy. Potanin further remarked that this digital asset would make transactions more secure, unlike unsecured cryptocurrencies that tend to maximize anonymity.


Atomyze is a digital assets exchange platform that promotes the digitalization of physical assets via tokenization. Atomyze seeks to use blockchain technology for a seamless digitalization process. By connecting you with an untapped pool of potential purchasers, Atomyze tokens will give investors a better way to hold commodities in the market.

Interros Holding is one of the chief investors of Atomyze and is also the largest shareholder of Nornickel. Rosbank, a Russian bank, and a broker named Vector X were the first investors on the new platform.

At the beginning of 2021, Russian lawmakers passed legislation allowing the tokenization of physical assets using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The central bank, however, had to independently review each platform and has only so far approved three options. During the previous month, Sber Bank and a startup called Lighthouse, both tokenized invoices.

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