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Auctioning off a one-of-a-kind Topps 1952 set. Mickey Mantle Card NFT.

The NFT collectibles industry is taking off. Sales of high-value NFT collectibles is becoming commonplace now. Traditional, old-world collectors are reevaluating their options.

Earlier, only physical collectibles were considered as holding value. This trend is shifting and NFT collectibles are being traded for large sums. NFTs are already being widely accepted as the next-generation of collectibles.

NFT Collectibles – The new trend

Mickey Mantle – the American baseball player’s Topps trading card recently sold for $5.2 million. This was record-breaking for sports NFTs.

With NFTs, collectors can experience the same feeling as that of holding a physical collectible. Additionally, NFTs provide collectors with the means to verify the rareness of the collectible held with them.

Topps Company was set up in 1938. From small beginnings, the firm continues to let fans to participate in the most momentous occasions in the field of sports and entertainment. The NFT of the Mickey Mantle trading card is just one example of what Topps is doing in the digital collectibles space.

Topps has also had other successes with digital collectibles. The success has prompted them to launch a proprietary NFT platform On the platform, Topps released several NFT collections for MLB. Topps has plans to release moe unique NFTs shortly.

Future Plans

Topps is also planning to release some 1-of-1 NFTs. This series of releases will form a part their timeless premium NFT collection. The timeless collection will be NFTs of some of Topps’ iconic baseball cards. To increase access to the timeless collection the NFTs in the series will be auctioned for the fans to bid for them.

With the increase in the number of NFTs and more auctions, the NFT space is only likely to grow further. Also, it is expected that NFTs will become accepted as the next mode of creating collectibles for collectors.

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