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Australian Blockchain Software DLTX Exhibited at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event


DLTX is an Australian blockchain software development company situated in Brisbane. They create Ethereum-based platforms including decentralized applications (dApps), as well as provide consulting and training to help you and your company realize the full potential of this new platform.

The platform recently marked its presence in the AIBC Summit Event 2022, which was held in Dubai this year. It should be noted that this event is considered one of the most influential and valued events in the field of crypto and blockchain.

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This is only the beginning of a wealth of information on how to use smart contracts to empower one‘s business. From concept to Mainnet deployment and production, they can help anyone with any project.

DLTx Deploys Blockchain & Tech Infrastructure to Lay the Groundwork for Web3. It is a technology company that connects distributed ledger innovations to the traditional business model through commercial enterprise, physical infrastructure, including software services.

They collaborate with the best-in-class companies in areas being changed by the new digital economy to establish non-dilutive recurring revenue-producing initiatives, leveraging the team’s knowledge as well as network.


  • They scale distributed ledger technological infrastructure to achieve a competitive edge as well as create recurring blockchain-based revenue.
  • They participate in technology-based software businesses and entrepreneurs that we anticipate will become essential blockchain systems on-ramps and off-ramps.
  • They use our platform to opportunistically participate in protocols, decentralized applications (Dapps), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and firms we believe will flourish as well as shape the future digital economy, in addition to creating the web 3 infrastructure.


  • The DLTx team, especially its advisory board, is in a distinct position to assess, access, as well as support the emerging distributed ledger technologies that will form the core of the future globalizing economy.
  • They examine and evaluate technologies, teams, including success in the market, focusing on those having the potential to have a large influence on the global economy and create exponential value.
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