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How to avoid FOMO and stick to your cryptocurrency trading plan

Investing in cryptocurrencies is an emotional journey for many. It becomes even worse when investors fall into peer pressure and fear of missing out (FOMO). In such situations, it is extremely common to see people buying and selling cryptocurrencies on a whim. Also called emotional investment, it is a universally accepted poor way of investing money. While many street gurus and TikTok experts share their own experiences of positive results from emotional investment, no credible consultant will ask clients to do so.

While most people know about the problem of FOMO investing, few can stick to the basic principles. It is mostly because insecurities catch up with investors the moment they try to show restraint. It has become a major problem for many investors, who have fallen into the same trap again and again.

But how do investors stay away from FOMO investing? The trick is to stick to a plan, an investment strategy.

People have different investment strategies depending on their income, goals, and present station in life. A plan is the safest and easiest way of preventing emotional investments. A plan will give investors a route to follow when they find themselves in FOMO situations.

However, an investment strategy needs to account for the various personal determiners. A one size fits all strategy might not be able to prevent FOMO investing. But a personalized plan can make sticking to a goal much easier. An investment strategy is the best tool against emotions for cryptocurrency investors.

Cryptured Team
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