Thursday, June 20, 2024

Digital Asset Banking Platform BANKEX Exhibited at the AIBC Summit

One of the leading platforms that have the potential to onboard people on it and make money for them on digital assets, BANKEX, was present at the AIBC Summit. BANKEX, as revealed on the official website of the platform, is a fully compliant US platform with a bank partner and over 4 years of experience in digital asset tokenization that too in multiple industries.

Well, in case you are a beginner or a novice in this field, you need not worry, BANKEX will provide you with the required assistance and act as your main gateway to the World of Decentralized Finance. With a history of helping over 50,000 individuals and organizations to take initiation and make money on digital assets.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the team behind BANKEX is dedicated to developing a crowdsource Proof-of-asset protocol of liquidity and an ecosystem that is created surrounding it.

With an aim to add liquidity to assets that have an underrated value due to the current way of operating of the primitive financial markets, the protocol of BANKEX carries out the process of digitization, tokenization, and exchange of real assets.

BANKEX Making Significant Changes in the Traditional Financial Markets

Moreover, the platform provides you with over 50 tools to make money in messengers and social media. With the introduction and facilitation of social commerce, the customers can now transact directly in messengers and social networking platforms.

BANKEX created payment tools and the team is actively integrating those tools where the audience is present so that the customers will have a convenient way to make transactions regardless of what the business is.

Along with this, the tools provided by BANKEX will assist the customers in acquiring direct access to millions of users in messengers and social media, stay close to your audience and even shorten your sales funnel with just one click.

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