Monday, July 22, 2024

Battle-based gaming and Wizard NFTs, Solana-based P2E metaverse challenges market.

There are many opportunities for gamers to earn money via DeFi projects. Just profit alone doesn’t help companies to retain a gamer base over the long term. This is because of market saturation with many platforms offering games and related NFTs. Players like games with good stories and complex characters. If this and other features are not available, companies run the risk of being taken over by automated bots. Bots are used just to siphon money away from available gaming projects.

A good storyline is the basis for an immersive game play session as it takes players on a journey. That said, Solana, has introduced a new game to the market – Wizardia. What makes this special is that the development team tried to change and bring in a new narrative. The team’s goal was to learn from previous mistakes and build new solutions. They think they have achieved this with Wizardia.

Players who log in to Wizardia will encounter a vast Fog expanse in which there are safe havens. These havens are on land that has escaped the notice of unknown factors and entities. Players will interact via a large map which is based on a graph of continents. They have to try and rule by finding natural resources and build defenses. The idea is to learn how to work on existing strategies and come up with new ones.

Not all players in the ecosystem may want good storyline and would be more interested in what they can earn. Taking this into consideration, the team has made it possible for ongoing development via NFTs related to Arena Genesis. Players don’t have to intrude into Wizardia and still get royalties. In six months, the project has experienced 90% investment. Expect to get IEOs and IDOs of game tokens soon.

Cryptured Team
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