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BELEGA Investment Platform Exhibited at the AIBC Malta Event

A startup that is aimed at delivering a state-of-the-art technology platform that allows the SME’s (Small-Medium Businesses) to access the P2P fundraising market, BELEGA, recently showed up at one of the biggest events related to technology and blockchain, the AIBC Malta event.

The business is focused on developing relationships with the startup community and supporting the acceleration of the business growth of their respective clients. With an aim to become an international leader of SME crowdfunding platforms.

In addition to this, we should lay an emphasis on the fact that the team behind BELEGA strongly believes in the long-term alignment of international regulatory bodies to the advantages of Tokenization and Blockchain technology.

These deliver superior consumer protection and efficiencies, and also, this alignment will pave the path for the growth and value creation of global trading platforms.

Well, talking about the functioning and operations of BELEGA, their intentions are to deploy a distinct mixture of leveraging its FinTech business experience and a global network of both the startups and the investor relationships.

Working of BELEGA Business Model Explained

Discussing further the business model of BELEGA, it is aimed at enabling the company to make money through commissions on each client based solely on the total amount of funds raised for every project.

Based in Europe and led by FinTech professionals with years of experience backing their expertise in developing markets, BELEGA is targeted to position itself directly to have access from experts with experience working with large global technology and finance organizations.

Along with this, it should be noted that the BELEGA Project has been in profit of nearly three years of project preparation and has passed through all the volatility of blockchain interest from the professionals in the sector.

The major thing to note here is that BELEGA is also issuing its BLGA token as an ITO to generate seed funding, enabling BELEGA to grow further.

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