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Bella Hadid joins the metaverse.

The gorgeous US supermodel, Bella Hadid, has now stepped from the ramp to the metaverse. Based on the 3D scans of her face and body, CY-B3LLA was recently launched. CY-B3LLA is a collection of Non-fungible tokens featuring artwork based on the scans.

In an interview with Reuters, Ms. Hadid shared that she was intrigued by the virtual world. She shared that she was looking forward to making cool virtual versions of herself after she got interested in the world of video games during the Covid-19 lockdown. On Instagram, she mentioned that she created NFTs to encourage the growth of community, travel, and human interactions.

A little about NFTs

NFTs are a type of digital asset that can be found on the blockchain, a ledger of transactions maintained by networked computers. Images, videos, music, and text are just a few examples of the various digital items that can be purchased and sold as NFTs.

Describing the experience, Ms. Hadid mentioned that it was a fun experience and the results mimicked her exact facial expressions. She was intrigued with the different versions of herself that could be created. Ms. Hadid says, that some of these versions were unimagined even for her until now.

The collection consists of 11, 111 NFTs and was constructed in collaboration with reBASE, an NFT-mining platform. The inspiration for this collection came from the local artists of ten different countries.

Between now and September, the locations and related digital materials will be unveiled, with the first batch being pictures of a robotic-looking Hadid who was inspired by Japan.

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