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Best projects to watch out for in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is built on distributed technology. The parachain auctions on the ecosystem are close at hand. This could be a good time to examine some projects on the ecosystem.

The best projects on the ecosystem currently are:

  • STP Network – The STP network(STPT) enables asset tokenization across blockchains. This tokenization does not entail much collateralization or even much fees for bridging. That STPT provides for tokenization of assets on a blockchain is unique. The network’s native token rose 229% in the last week, resulting in its market cap rising to $237 million.
  • Ternoa (CAPS) – Currently, NFTs are quite the rage in the crypto space. Ternoa is a decentralized data transmission blockchain. It is based on NFTs and uses Polkadot technology. CAPS allows for decentralized storage, among other features. The native token, CAPS, jumped up by 898% over the last week. It is expected that the CAPS market cap will go past $33.7 million.
  • Shadows(DOWS) – This network is the preferred hub for the trading, lending and borrowing of derivative assets. This network enables the derivatives industry by unlocking many opportunities. Over the last week, the native token DOWS rose 103%. This enabled the market cap to rise to $7.7 million.
  • Centrifuge (CFG) – The CFG chain enables real-world assets to transition onto the blockchain multiverse. CFG is built on parity substrate. This fact enables CFG to be a bridge to the ETH ecosystem and its liquidity. CFG, the native token, rose 93% to exceed a market cap of $232 million.
  • Celer Network (CELR) – The CELR is a layer-2 scaling platform. The application presents opportunities on the DOT and ETH blockchains. Over the last week, CELR rose by 79%, and the project may attain a market cap of $1 billion.
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