Monday, December 4, 2023

Biden signed an executive order on cryptocurrency that permit a streamline regulation.

As of Crypto Market Analysis, the growth of digital assets, like cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) have skyrocketed to an explosively high level over the last few decades.

This gradual rise created a worth-grabbing opportunity for the reinforcement of American Leadership in the Global Finance Market for its technological and economic competitiveness with Crypto mining.

The United States must grab this and maintain its technological leadership, playing a leading role in international engagement and global governance while diminishing the other risks.

But there is a main reason Biden will sign an executive order on cryptocurrency that would permit a cross-government initiative. That is because it will mitigate the risks, employing the cardinal benefits of such digital assets (like Binance Coin (BNB), etc) and their potential technology.

Basic objectives of the exclusive order signed

The Executive order signed based on this Crypto Market Analysis, calls for some of the undermentioned objectives. Regarding :

  1. The protection of U.S. Businesses, investors, and consumers.
  2. Make sure that there are sufficient regulators to look after in case there are any systemic financial risks to be faced due to digital assets (like Bitcoin (BTC))
  3. Protecting the U.S. and ensuring Global Financial Stability.
  4. Support Technological Advancements and maximize the Development and Use of Digital Assets.
  5. Promote U.S. Leadership in Technological and Economic Competitiveness through Crypto mining.

Airbnb on Crypto Currency and free housing of Ukraine

Airbnb basically is an American company that works as an online marketplace. Recently after the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, it is thinking to support crypto as the people of Ukraine are trying to use Crypto as their mode for transactions. This is as per Brian Chesky, the Airbnb CEO, when asked in an interview if he is thinking to support crypto.

American companies like Airbnb are supporting or thinking to support Crypto in other countries as well as rendering protection through the availability of 100,000 housing facilities to the Ukrainian Refugees.


The order signed focuses on six prime areas of the federal government, concerned with the digital asset system which includes the various digital assets like Binance coin (BNB), Dogecoin( DOGE), etc. It also looks for specific agencies to look for their enforcement.

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