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Big Beans Gaming was present at the Dubai Crypto Expo

Crypto Expo is the grand event for all the crypto enthusiasts that bring different entrepreneurs, leaders, traders, and investors throughout the globe under one roof. Crypto Expo Dubai is just the same event, and Big Beans Gaming made its presence at one of the most extravagant events of Crypto space- The Dubai Crypto Expo.

Giant Beans Gaming is not a usual gaming site; it is on the way to combining blockchain technology with gaming while also ensuring that players get a novel way to earn through this. You’d be amazed to know that the Beans Meta is a virtual world that will house the Beans ecosystem, including virtual land, NFTs, P2E, games, and cartoons.

Features of Big Beans

They have a unique system called Unique Buyback Bigbeans. It is a one-of-a-kind buyback system made up of two key components. So let’s see what makes it stand out amongst others; whenever there is a sale, 10% of the total order is immediately issued as a purchase. The generated tokens are then burned right away. Second, at a given time period, the BigBeans buyback system purchases double the monetary value of the most recent sale.

In-game Big Beans awards are used to make money. The gamers in the game are rewarded with NFT and $HONEY (which will be redeemable on exchanges). Earning Beans Token is an in-game token that may be used for various tasks in the game. This is one of the extraordinary qualities that makes them different.

They have a name for an exciting scheme, i.e., NFT Collection. It consists of exclusive NFTs by The Big Beans, wherein each character would be differentiated. As a matter of fact, all the game holders will be rewarded with perks, unique gifts, giveaways, and early access to the game’s beta.

To conclude, The Big Beans Gaming provides you with “ZIZU,” a demon that is stated to be fast, nimble, and powerful.

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