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Binance Launches ‘Crypto Is Evil’ Ad Campaign, Calling for Global Crypto Regulation

Binance Launches 'Crypto Is Evil' Ad Campaign, Calling for Global Crypto Regulation

Crypto advertisements are a matter of debate in many countries. From the UK to India, government officials have spoken against displaying cryptocurrency commercials in public mediums. To tackle this situation, Binance has come up with an innovative ‘Crypto is Evil’ ad campaign that has taken the world by storm.

The highlight of Binance’s commercial campaign is its 10 fundamental rights of crypto users. By putting forth a concise list of rights of crypto users, Binance is calling for a unified global regulation for cryptocurrency. In the past, many crypto firms have called for a single law regulating all crypto transactions in a country. Going a step further, Binance envisions a single law governing crypto assets across the world. Keeping the present scenario in mind, Binance’s vision is overambitious, to say the least.

Regulations are the biggest challenge in front of cryptocurrency. With new regulations rolling out so frequently, firms are finding it difficult to comply with every new addition. Inability to comply is leading to firms being unregistered and de-platformed. There hasn’t been any solution to the problem yet. Binance’s ad campaign addresses this complexity and lack of unity.

Presenting a list of fundamental rights for crypto users is a brave step from Binance. CEO of Binance said that their vision is to make crypto reach every part of the world. To attain their goal, it would be necessary for governments to come together and work on a unified law for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.



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