Saturday, December 2, 2023

Binance partners with TikTok’s Khaby Lame as global brand ambassador.

Binance has pulled in Khaby Lame, who is TikTok’s most-followed creator, as its global brand ambassador. Lame is the face of Binance’s ambitious project to spread awareness about Web3. He will educate his audience about cryptocurrency and debunk myths about the Web3 ecosystem.

James Rothwell, Binance’s global vice president of marketing, described Lame as a cultural icon and one of the most entertaining creators globally. Rothwell said Binance loves his charm and sense of humor. The platform believes the TikTok creator will bring relevance and relatability as Binance scales Web3 adoption.

Lame rose to fame over the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. His followers grew rapidly to over 143 million on TikTok and 78 million more on Instagram. Lame is known for his silent clips like #learnfromkhaby where he reacts expressionlessly to complicated life hack videos to perform the task. The videos end with his typical “Khaby Move” wherein the creator shrugs and gestures with his hands as if to say duh!

With Coinbase’s ambitious project, Lame will use his signature video style to create bite-size content clips that tackle some of the misperceptions around Web3. Coinbase and Lame also plan on launching NFT collections to enhance engagement with their followers. The creator has already posted his first wordless TikTok with Binance. In the short video, Lame can be seen jumping to action from a couch and swirling into a Binance-branded superhero costume. An annoyed user types WTF is Web3? Into a web browser and Lame pulls up the Binance website. He then winks at the camera with a, to be continued message ending the video. This video has already achieved 400,000 hits.

Lame considers his followers as his family. He is always looking out for new challenges and interesting content to share. The creator revealed that he has always been curious about Web3 and jumped at the opportunity to partner with Binance because it aligns perfectly with what he usually does.

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