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Biological Fuels-Backed Cryptocurrency Gauss Coin Wins Best Listed Coin 2021 Award at CED2021

With a community of over 100,000 users spread across the world, Gauss Coin is a cryptocurrency that is backed by real assets such as biological fuels. Gauss Coin reportedly won the Best Listed Crypto Coin of the year 2021 at one of the biggest crypto events held in Dubai, the Crypto Expo.

Well, the prime reason why the cryptocurrency won this award was that the coin is environment friendly, and the team behind Gauss Coin is dedicated to implementing and developing a system that allows for better and convenient access to crypto assets.

As per the official revelations made by the company, the ultimate goal of the Gauss Coin team is to alter the view of people when they look at the crypto market. They are intended to create an ecosystem that can help in battling plastic waste.

Gauss is allowing its members to earn an extra income by investing in creating power plants through the ecosystem created.

Talking further about the Gauss Coin, it has been revealed in the white paper of the company that 500 coins will be released on the Ethereum platform.

Features and Characteristics of Gauss Coin

Discussing the features and characteristics of the coin should be laid an emphasis on the fact that the coin has a distinct feature. It is backed by real assets and collateral which ensures its aggressiveness over other cryptocurrencies in the industry.

In addition to this, the team has announced that the Gauss Coin will be utilized to purchase goods and services.

Moreover, each and every transaction done by Gauss Coin will be taking place through an electronic platform, which is being developed with technological advancements and is secured by Blockchain Technology.

The coin will be priced at $0.25 and the performance of the project will directly affect the overall valuation of the currency.

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