Friday, December 8, 2023

Bit Hotel: How a Metaverse Hotel Is Making Millions in Digital Real Estate

A new metaverse game is making waves and it has to do with real estate. The new Triple-A game, Bit Hotel has announced that it has managed the biggest sale of real estate so far, in the digital world. This blockchain game sells hotel rooms as NFTs. This started on February 1st and will continue listing rooms on a weekly basis.

What can one expect with Bit Hotel? The NFTs have a nostalgic design with 8-bits and other items that can be traded within the game. Tradeable items include rooms, characters, and furniture. The goal is to ensure that it establishes its presence as a heavy hitter in this space.

Bit Hotel is a play to earn game and it is easy to do. What does playing entail and what are its objectives? Here is more information on how players can join and become successful. Bit Hotel is an NFT game and social. Bit Hotel Coin is the game’s currency. Players can sign up and compete to gather NFT land, characters and items to earn money. Land in this context means hotel rooms. This game is a reboot in Web3 of a popular game from way back called the Habbo Hotel.

Every room and common area in this Hotel doubles up as a chat room for players to hang out and send messages to each other. Players can also trade or battle each other in games to earn rewards. Rewards can be redeemed for in-game assets. When a player signs up to play this game, they can cash out their earning.

The game has great colors and many fantastic virtual assets. Look for more features to be announced by Bit Hotel. Whether this is a fleeting fancy or a great investment, only time will tell. Follow the news and find out.

Cryptured Team
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