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Everything you need to know about BitBay, now Zonda, Crypto Exchange

BitBay cryptocurrency exchange platform, which has now its name changed to Zonda, is focused on paving out a way to the world of investments.

The team behind the platform was also spotted at the AIBC Malta event, marking yet another significant move by the exchange to be present at one of the most important events related to blockchain and technology.

Zonda is developing financial tools while focusing on the education part to bring less confusion and increased power to people investing. At Zonda, the user can learn everything they need to know about cryptocurrencies while nurturing the funds on their exchange with rewards.

There is no denying the fact that we have come a long way when we talk about exchanging goods and coins as a means of transaction, as earlier, it was barter system, then it was replaced by silver and gold coins, then again by paper money, and now, crypto.

Zonda Emphasizes the Worth of Cryptocurrencies and Their Use Cases

The platform understands the significance of investing and using crypto deeply, and hence, is dedicated to developing a place for everyone to purchase and sell these assets. With the platform being completely regulated and over a million people user base, Zonda will prove to be a perfect solution for you if you intend to get involved with crypto.

Together with the great minds and experts on board, the platform is contributing towards the creation of an ecosystem of financial tools to help people learn more about crypto assets, begin trading, and let their investments grow.

Being founded back in the year 2014, Zonda has not looked back and is constantly thriving with the second version of their platform launching in the year 2015 with pro tools.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the platform won the Blockchain Exchange of the year awards in an event named Invest Cuff held back in the year 2019.

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