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Bitcoin, according to MicroStrategy’s CEO, is ‘going up forever’

MicroStrategy is well known in the crypto circuits for its huge holdings of Bitcoin. In fact, MicroStrategy alone holds the power to bring about changes in global Bitcoin prices. While many multinational companies have adopted cryptocurrency as an afterthought, MicroStrategy has taken a different route. Talking about the company plans and aims, CEO Michael Saylor said that he is very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin.

According to Saylor, Bitcoin prices will continuously go up from this point in spite of market ups and downs. The overall trajectory would be growth in the long run. Based on this conviction, MicroStrategy treats Bitcoin as its primary investment instrument. Until now, the strategy has paid off as Bitcoin’s prices have shown an overall upward movement. However, Bitcoin’s long-run efficacy is still a matter of debate.

Apart from MicroStrategy, Tesla and Square are two of the biggest companies with significant Bitcoin holdings. These big corporations invest heavily in Bitcoin because of their belief in the ecosystem. Many people are already seeing Bitcoin as a better alternative to gold and a better hedge against inflation For this reason, both institutional and retail investors are increasingly leaning towards Bitcoin.

Many experts agree with Saylor’s view, but others are skeptical. While some financial experts deem Bitocin a ‘bubble’, others have conviction in its long-term potential. Until now, Bitcoin has shown no sign of being a bubble or a frenzy. Each time it has fallen, it has come up stronger. If Saylor’s predictions turn out to be true, MicroStargey would become one of the wealthiest companies in the world owing to their huge Bitcoin holdings.

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