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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency values fell, 55% of investors opted to hold.

Equities and crypto markets are facing downward trends. The only positive news has come from Celsius that paid all its debts, helping it avoid liquidation. Even with this depressing market sentiment, there are a few reasons that are making some investors buy Bitcoin and other altcoins.

The market collapse means many crypto funds, DeFi protocols and BTC have been trading at 60% below their all-time highs. Still, there are some positive signs that indicate the market can head towards a consolidating phase.

A recent market survey by Appinio shows even with crypto price collapse and the market becoming bearish, more than 55% of crypto investors continue to hold their investments. They are not selling even after the recent selloffs in the crypto market. Only 8% investors have chosen to divest their investments in these digital assets.

This data indicates majority investors remain bullish about the crypto assets. The study indicates 33% American investors have invested in these assets and 40% investors continue to trust Bitcoin being an excellent investment opportunity in the coming three months.

Appinio study found that 65% American investors who continue to hold these assets even after recent financial market crashes remain confident of their investment choices. When asked about their short-term pressing concerns, 66% respondents cited increasing inflation as the top concern. Global economy was cited as the second big concern by 39% respondents, and 34% cited international conflicts.

eToro’s US investment analyst Callie Cox said how these factors had come together to create uncertainty in the market. The inflationary reasons causing the costs of housing and living to increase have only created big trouble for the investors.

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