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Why NFTs, crypto, and blockchain can aid the growth of e-health

Blockchain is not as well-known as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins that it helps operate over an ever-evolving environment. However, the technology’s benefits go beyond the cryptocurrencies it serves. Society, as well as the idea of money, is rapidly altering in the post-pandemic era. Whereas wealth in conventional circles based on fiat currency can be defined as cash, assets, and intergenerational financial stability, Bitcoin extends the definition of wealth. Blockchain, in the proper hands, might give new meanings to money in a society where values have shifted in the aftermath of the current health crisis.

A healthcare network has highlighted how it is transforming how people are treated all while guaranteeing that medical information is accessed to its optimal capacity. Aimedis stated its cutting-edge network is created to assist all during a question session with Cointelegraph.

It aspires to pull together a variety of e-health apps using blockchain technology. Prescriptions, patient history, video conferences, consultations, and second views would all be included. Patients would be paired to the wearable technology that records their information while it is going on.

According to Michael J Kaldasch, chief executive officer, one of the most frequently asked questions about the organization is why it is attempting to bring it all together in one space. He responds by claiming that medical Information Technology is not similar to other types of IT. With just one login, one UI, and one customer engagement, everything must be linked together. Multiple apps depending on a patient’s condition, he claimed, would absolutely not function. He illustrated the ecosystem using the example of a shopping plaza that pulls together a variety of different businesses.

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