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How Bitcoin is assisting Africans at the grassroots level

For a long time, Bitcoin was somewhat kept away from laymen’s use, especially in poorer parts of the world. Over the past few years, that trend changed completely. As we can see, in 2021, the highest crypto adoption rates came from some of the developing countries. While countries like India and Pakistan are showing promise in Asia, the scenario in the continent of Africa is somewhat different. In African countries, Bitcoin is often a medium of making additional money. Of all African nations, Nigeria has emerged as the leader in Bitcoin adoption and widespread use. On the other hand, countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo are trying to uplift their population’s living standards with Bitcoin. In many of these nations, Bitocin has successfully pulled people out of poverty and given them a better life.

Gloire Wanzavalere from Chainglob has come up with a unique initiative to help refugees who had to flee their homes after the recent volcanic eruption in Congo. Most of these refugees lost all their life’s belongings to the eruption. To help them get their life in order, Wanzavalere felt that Bitcoin could be very useful. To continue her mission, he purchased smartphones for many of these refugees. Following that, these people were trained to use smartphone-based crypto wallets to transact in Bitcoin. Despite the technological limitations and learning barriers, some were quick to pick up cryptocurrency’s principles. If this project continues, it can help many of these people restart their life with a good monetary foundation.

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