Monday, December 11, 2023

Bitcoin is like the early internet: Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience, has likened the world’s favorite cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – to the “early internet”. He says a cryptocurrency is a viable form of currency that one can actually buy things with. The podcaster believes that this is one of the reasons “the government is freaking out” about. Rogan says the authorities are going crazy at the mere thought of Bitcoin developing according to the internet model.

Rogan highlighted that he thinks about Bitcoin the same way he thinks about the early internet. He pointed out that the government didn’t see it coming then, and nor does it see crypto now! The government, during the Obama administration, had tried to censor the internet. But it fell apart because the people were furious. They thought the political repercussions were not worth it and backed off.

The popular podcaster foresees a time when the government will introduce a centralized digital currency, like what China has. Rogan said the government will have control of that currency. However, the centralized digital currency will empower the government to look at its citizens, monitor their behavior online, and decide what the people can and cannot spend their money on. Rogan warned that the government could allow the currency to be used on food but not on travel.

He had earlier said that cryptocurrencies bring a lot of hope, particularly Bitcoin. The host had said it’s either going to fall apart completely, or people and businesses will use it as an opportunity to right the ship. They can also come up with a better way, via cryptocurrencies, to live a better life.

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