Sunday, July 21, 2024

Bitcoin Is the Next Nasdaq for Financial Advisors.

Bitcoin has been on the radar of most financial advisors ever since it came out. It has made people rich during the bull run and even now continues to hold value. The DeFi nature of it combined with the transparency make it a lucrative option for most people.

The prominence of bitcoin and cryptocurrency will be like that of Nasdaq in the last decade. These companies were able to influence the stock market and financial advisors will be able to position their clients better depending on the performance of the crypto market.

Nasdaq’s top stocks were mostly tech-driven in the last 10 years and have been doing well ever since. Not only that, they were able to create millionaires with timely investments. And now cryptocurrency has the same power. This has been one of the main reasons why Bitcoin has been touted as the new Nasdaq.

With both the tech companies and the BTC under the congress’s scrutiny. And with the SEC delaying application for a Bitcoin ETF, America’s stance on this poster boy of crypto remains unknown.

Since then many people have added crypto to their portfolios to beat inflation, not only that they are also actively trying to better their results too. With many of the tech moguls like Elon Musk also being vocal about crypto there is a very high chance that it is there to stay.

New crypto enthusiasts have been growing exponentially and this is the perfect time for them to enter the market. With the prices being low and recovery being steady, it is in your best interest to get on the crypto bandwagon.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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