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Bitcoin is worth $1.26 billion according to Tesla’s latest financial statement.

One relation that has remained unhinged in the last years is the relation of bitcoin and Tesla. Both the names are the revolutionaries of this century. Both of them have starking technologies behind them, with quite wondrous pricing systems.

Tesla’s Elon Musk has reportedly spoken of bitcoins many times. He has shared tweets on the same, sometimes in favor and sometimes the reverse. Tesla, eventually, announced that it would be accepting bitcoins as a form of payment. This led to quite an exciting wave among enthusiasts.

Tesla and Bitcoin

It is noted that in the fourth quarter of the year, Tesla, in reality, did not sell any bitcoin. It made some transactions through the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin but not bitcoin. As per the financial statements of Tesla, there are over $1.26 billion bitcoins in holding.

Musk and Bitcoin

This observation brings quite a clarity to the Musk-Bitcoin situation as well. It was not previously known how much stake Tesla has in bitcoin. Now, the numbers are quite clear. There is one rising question as to why Tesla is not accepting bitcoins then.

The answer to this question lies in Musk’s statement on clean and green energy use. He had commented that they will support and even boost bitcoin once there is 50% reduction in energy use. So, this is one cause for the environment that Musk and Tesla have now openly supported. It supports dogecoin and is open to the idea of cryptocurrencies. There is just a surety needed on the sides of mining and energy usage.

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