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Bitcoin without an internet connection is still possible thanks to SMS services.

Ever since the rise of cryptocurrency over the years, on one side many developed nations with ample technological infrastructure have readily embraced the wave of crypto. On the other, a question has been looming over the industry as to how to get crypto into countries where Internet density remains low. An African-based IT enthusiast may have just found a solution that will be a game-changer in how developing nations can get access to cryptocurrencies.

Lack of Online Connectivity Doesn’t Deter Crypto

Though African nations do not have much technological infrastructure still compared to progressed countries of the West, statistics paint a different picture. Lately, African nations have been topping the list of countries around the globe that sport the most viable climate for crypto entrance. What’s more, there is also a steadily rising youth population there who are becoming the pioneers of play-to-earn games in their respective territories. In what is a first move anywhere in the world, an African crypto lover colloquially known by his acquaintances as “KG” has invented a unique mechanism for availing crypto. It is a way for users who don’t have WiFi or data connection to still be able to use cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, specifically.

Crypto to Revolutionize Common People’s Lives

He said that he was inspired by his passion for crypto to bring the boon of crypto closer to the common people. He felt that simply having a phone and sim card should be enough for them to benefit from the use of crypto. This venture comes at the right hour as currently statistics show that cellphone density sans WiFi options is two times the total figure of citizens in the continent. Banking and other financial transactions are also majorly done through texts-based mechanism as this remains the primary method of communication.

KG’s idea is to use this texts-based mechanism to give a new lease of living to citizens who are still not financially literate. It will mimic the popular features of automated response, guiding the users to establish an online presence and do Bitcoin-based activities. This will definitely have an edge over the local currency as well as boost the overall economy.

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