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Bitestate Attends the Dubai Crypto Expo Event 2022

Bitestate is a platform that dedicatedly helps you with converting your crypto into real estate. The platform provides its users a unique collection for their next lucrative investment with listings in the hottest locations across the globe. Recently, Bitestate showed up at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event, held in Dubai.

This event is considered one of the most prominent and influential events in the crypto and blockchain space.

Cryptocurrencies are forms of digital payments created for buying services and goods. Moreover, the technology that fuels a cryptocurrency is called a blockchain. It is a decentralizing technology distributed across numerous systems that operate and record transactions. In simpler terms, a blockchain is a spread database guiding cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitestate’s mission?

Bitestate focuses on empowering crypto asset holders with crypto market and real estate insights. This helps them make learned investment decisions at the perfect time and in the right location. The platform is a one-stop shop dedicated to asset holders in the crypto field to help them sell, buy, or manage their properties using cryptocurrencies.

What does Bitestate offer?

Bitestate offers expert consultation, which generally starts with a free consultation with record-breaking experts in the crypto and real estate field. The team assists in identifying the best property and the right time to purchase with crypto.

Moreover, the platform has a broad network and portfolio of properties that suit every budget and requirement to choose from, assisting all sizes of crypto investors.

Apart from that, Bitestate offers smooth transactions using guaranteed and safe methods. The platform provides crypto investors payment solutions tried and tested in multi-million dollar transactions.

Moreover, Bitestate aims to be your one-stop shop for your real estate needs. An expert will execute the platform’s guided solution of property registration, property management, payments, renting, and reselling after the purchase if need be.

Cryptured Team
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