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Bitget Executive Reveals AI’s Optimization of Crypto Exchange Operations- Cryptured.

Bitget is using AI to improve its customer service by automating tasks such as translation and responding to customer queries.

The managing director of Bitget, Gracy Chen, disclosed that the exchange is utilising AI techniques to expedite procedures and improve features during the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris.

According to Chen, Bitget’s translation team is one area where AI has proven to be quite helpful.

The exchange is able to manage translations for its multilingual services more effectively by utilising AI.

The customer support division also makes use of AI to deliver quicker answers to inquiries, including customised information and trading data.

In order to help customers with their trading operations, Bitget is also developing an AI-powered chatbot that is modelled around OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Additionally, Bitget has added AI-powered tools to its grid trading techniques that let users employ trading algorithms to automate trades.

Users only need to input their preferred strategy and investment amount, which should reduce the complexity of grid trading. Based on the supplied parameters, the AI-powered bot then produces a variety of trading strategies.

A common trading method in the bitcoin market is grid trading, which involves buying and selling within predetermined price ranges and time windows.

Bitget is investigating the application of AI across all fields.
Chen stated that Bitget is thinking about implementing AI across all areas.
According to her, “I would say every department is experimenting with some sort of application through AI,” with the intention to increase productivity and improve the user experience.

Chen also emphasised the potential of zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology to improve bitcoin exchanges in addition to AI.

ZK-proof technology guarantees data protection and privacy, prohibiting the misuse of user cash and information.

Chen stated that Bitget is testing the use of ZK-rollups to secure user data and prohibit internal systems from accessing particular data due to confidentiality concerns.

Zero-knowledge proofs may also make it possible for users to take control of their own cash, doing away with the necessity for centralised exchanges to keep that custody.

“ZK is excellent for safeguarding user data. We’ve been experimenting with a few things. One of them is to employ ZK rollups to protect the information of our users.

Bitget’s adoption of AI coincides with an uptick in conversations about how to combine crypto and this emerging technology.

Users will need autonomy over their data and the manner in which it is shared among assets, according to Wilson.

The founder and managing partner of Struck Crypto, Adam Struck, also said that AI might create new prospects for the blockchain sector, saying:

You might really observe a scenario in which AI acts as a catalyst for a return to the blockchain.

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