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BitKeep and Bitget Launch Sui Ecosystem Campaign for Crypto Enthusiasts


Sui and Aptos are two exciting layer-1 blockchains that use the Move programming language, which comes from Facebook’s Diem project. Sui is the first fully open layer 1 blockchain, offering top-notch security and speed. Transactions on Sui can be confirmed instantly, and even complex transactions take under three seconds. This makes it perfect for things like finance, online shopping, and gaming in the blockchain world.

Aptos recently launched with a high token price, so BitKeep and Bitget’s Sui campaign gives crypto fans a chance to get qualifications for swapping Sui official tokens early. BitKeep, the world’s leading and Asia’s biggest multichain crypto wallet, has teamed up with top decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols on Sui. These protocols are included in BitKeep’s integrated decentralized application (DApp) explorer, which helps users with resources and gets more people to notice their DApps for things like on-chain asset exchange, data analysis, and nonfungible token (NFT) trading. You can even claim free Sui testnet tokens with BitKeep Wallet’s built-in faucet. Start your Sui adventure with BitKeep Wallet today!

BitKeep and Bitget are giving away Sui Futures (SUIBG) airdrops to users who trade on BitKeep Wallet. If you complete a token swap or NFT transaction on any chain on BitKeep (except for NFT transactions on Arbitrum), you’re guaranteed to be eligible for the SUIBG airdrop. You can then exchange your SUIBG for Sui official tokens later on.

The amount of SUIBG you can get from the airdrop depends on how much you trade, ranging from 1 SUIBG for trading $100 worth of tokens or NFTs up to 1,000 SUIBG for transactions over $100,000. Remember, NFT transactions on the Arbitrum network don’t count for this campaign. Visit the campaign page for more info.

To meet the growing demand for Sui mainnet tokens and support the Sui ecosystem, BitKeep, and Bitget have started an airdrop campaign for the Sui Futures token, SUIBG. This token is a guarantee for future Sui official tokens and is issued by both BitKeep and Bitget. When you complete tasks and hold SUIBG, you’ll be able to exchange it for official Sui tokens later.

During the campaign, BitKeep will give away exclusive SUIBG airdrops to new users through their official community, Twitter, Sui-related projects, and Web3 key opinion leader social media platforms. New and regular users can also get extra SUIBG airdrops by completing trading tasks in BitKeep swap or the BitKeep NFT market.

Please note: If you get SUIBG through red packets, you need to complete a token swap or NFT transaction with your BitKeep-created wallet address to be eligible to swap for official Sui tokens.

BitKeep and Bitget’s Sui campaign is a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to explore the entire Sui ecosystem, letting them trade and earn while experiencing the speed, security, and potential of the Sui blockchain.

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