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Blink Science and BurstIQ collaborate to develop Blockchain Enabled Data Exchange for blinkHEALTHPASS


BurstIQ is the world’s leading provider of data exchange solutions powered by blockchain. Recently, it announced a collaboration with Blink Science. The collaboration will see Blink Science use BurstIQ’s LifeGraph Network, which will provide more control to customers in terms of customer data collection, sharing, and use through blinkHEALTHPASS.

The blinkHEALTHPASS enables organizations to efficiently vaccinate their employees and also matches important vaccination and test data. As the global economy reopens gradually with businesses returning to full-capacity operations, blinkHEALTHPASS mitigates business risks that come with unvaccinated employees.

Blink Science’s President, Eric Doherty, had a lot of positive things to say about BurstIQ. He described BurstIQ’s data ownership approach as a person-centric and secure one. He also mentioned introducing blinkTEST, which is set to bring rapid diagnostics to communities that are underserved. blinkTEST will offer low-cost diagnostic facilities with instant test results and it will also be compatible with the blinkHEALTHPASS.

The edge diagnostics market is steadily growing, and the blinkTEST platform is all set to be a novel entrant into the market. It will move health services and products towards a decentralized approach from a conventional centralized approach. The greatest benefit of edge diagnostic services and products is that they enhance access to health solutions whenever there is demand. LifeGraph facilitates the development of smarter products, which empowers people to live their lives in a healthy manner.

BurstIQ’s Chief Growth Officer Rob Lubeck says that the company’s collaboration with Blink Science is one of several ways that BurstIQ is rapidly accelerating communities’ access to healthcare around the world.

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