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Blockchain-based degrees awarded in IIT Kanpur’s 54th convocation

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, conferred IIT Kanpur students with digital degrees. Well, what is so special about the conferral? You may wonder.

That this digital degree conferral is another milestone in the adoption of blockchain-based technologies is what makes it special.

These digital degrees were conferred using homegrown blockchain-driven technology– the technology was developed by the eminent institution.

Blockchain Makes 54 Special for IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur celebrated its 54th convocation ceremony on Tuesday. The occasion gained more significance due to the blockchain-based digital degree transfer.

The event, which was conducted in hybrid mode, saw digital transfer of degrees to students that were physically absent.

In his speech, PM Modi advised students to face challenges head-on instead of getting stuck in one’s own comfort zone.

In a broader context, this suggestion applies to the current blockchain revolution as well. Countries are slowly but are definitely adapting to blockchains and cryptocurrencies. While some countries are skeptical, others are more embracing digital money and the technology driving it.

PM Modi also urged students to keep their imagination, curiosity, and sensitivity alive.

The tech team at IIT Kanpur sure has made brilliant use of its imagination, curiosity, and sensitivity, by developing its in-house blockchain technology. By doing so, IIT Kanpur has become a pioneer in embracing path-breaking digital technologies.

The National Blockchain Project

The blockchain technology used by IIT Kanpur at the 54th convocation was developed on its premises as part of the National Blockchain Project.

National Blockchain Project is a governmental initiative working toward the goal of making India a leader in Blockchain Technology. The National Security Council Secretariat funds this Project. The Project works toward developing blockchain-driven e-governance solutions.

In Conclusion

With its homegrown blockchain technology, IIT Kanpur has made a prestigious addition to the rapidly-growing mainstream blockchain applications.

India is famous as a country that is more welcoming of efficient technologies. So, one can expect more applications of blockchain in the mainstream sector soon.

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