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Blockchain-based NFTs removed from Minecraft.

In a statement dated July 20, a Minecraft spokesperson revealed that NFTs were not a part of the Minecraft community as they were not inclusive. As per Minecraft, NFTs created a stiff distinction between the haves and have-nots. The decision of the Microsoft-owned game, Minecraft, came as a shocker to the Blockchain community.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are unique, non-editable tokens that are a part of the blockchain. NFTs are often purchased along with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. NFTs can be in any format, ranging from MPEG to GIF. The most commonly used form is JPEG.

Mincecraft’s Stance

Minecraft opined that NFTs were associated with investment mentality as well as speculations about prices. Including NFTs in Minecraft’s ecosystem would take away from the essence of the game. It would be inconsistent with the long-term joy of the players of the game.

Minecraft shall not allow the integration of Blockchain technologies within its server and client applications. Moreover, the company prohibited the use of in-game content by Blockchain technology for creating scarce digital assets.

Minecraft also raised concerns about the reliability of NFTs. According to the company, third-party NFTs were not reliable and could hamper players who purchase such NFTs. NFTs also may require an asset manager who may disappear with digital assets without any notice. NFTs are been sold for exorbitantly inflated prices through unethical means, fraud or other .

Minecraft has no plans of implementing blockchain technology or NFTs in their game anytime soon.

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