Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Blockchain.com to offer free domain names to users.

A firm related to cryptocurrency, Blockchain.com said that they will allow their users to get free domain names. This domain names will be “.blockchain”, and have found support from Unstoppable Domains. This came as a challenge to the name service provided by Ethereum.

In a blog post, the crypto exchange revealed that they will make provisions for their 82 million users to have a domain. This is through their partnership with the service Unstoppable Domains. This is an domain provider for NFTs. They are also a digital platform for identity. They work on domains that are related to crypto addresses that are readable.

Registered Users Get Free Domain Names

With the help of such new features, registered users will be able to engage in cryptocurrency transactions using addresses that have readable names. As the weeks approach, all the wallet users of Blockchain.com can start to claim their free domain that is customized. This will be associated to their wallet. The domain is one that is designed to be simple to remember. This allows users to transfer their assets without fear of being implicated.

The firm had already made an announcement before, where they supported various domain endings. With the help of this new feature, the crypto firm is expected to establish itself as one of the first business to have a top level domain that is branded. The website of Unstoppable Domains indicated that the domain names will be NFTs that will be minted through Polygon. This means that the domain names will be truly unique and will be documented on the blockchain.

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