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Our blockchain future is at jeopardy without quantum security

Blockchain technology is yet to be explored by future advancements. The whole decentralized network of blockchain technology has also been working on the tangent of newer concepts. The 21st century has already been referred to as the technological era and the discovery of ‘quantum advantage’ by two Chinese scientists have brought the advanced form of computers into function. The developments in the field of blockchain technology bring advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

Quantum Technology will bring the users to ease

The era is already going through major technological changes. People are expecting to see many other advancements like robots, higher medical services, and cures for every disease. These advancements at one side have the power to heal people and destroy them at the same time. It gives technology the bigger hand to control the life of an individual. Similarly, quantum level computing puts the infrastructure that has been created digitally by the people at risk. The people have lost their trust with forged signatures and fraudulent transactions increasing without any warnings.

Cryptocurrency Is the most fundamental concept that includes quantum computing

The whole internet is based on cryptography and uses the different keys and codes to store the data. Also, personal or confidential communications by the users of the platform. The power of quantum computing is very under-rated. If an individual ends up making a powerful structure of quantum computing, it has the power of manipulating billions of money and striking the hammer on the whole network of blockchain technology.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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