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How Blockchain Technology is Rejuvenating the Gaming Industry and Transforming Microtransactions

Blockchain Technology is Rejuvenating the Gaming Industry and Transforming Microtransactions

The gaming sector is growing in tandem with other technological innovations. Without going into the nuances of a good game, we can safely assume that games today are much more sophisticated than those from a decade ago. A major factor in this regard has been the introduction of microtransactions. In the world of gaming, microtransactions mean anything from buying small in-game ornamentation or additional features and tools. Despite all its merits, microtransactions have also divided the gaming community. Many are of the opinion that these models are promoting a ‘pay-to-win’ structure, which unfairly works against those who cannot afford to pay.

With the introduction of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, this situation is going through a change. With blockchain technology, pay-to-win models are making way for play-to-earn models. The difference, however, is on a deeper level. With blockchain-powered games, transactions are taking place in real assets instead of making them exclusively in-game elements. NFTs are playing a key role in this transformation. The success of the blockchain model is visible in Axie Infinity. This play-to-earn game has garnered worldwide popularity and is the most used decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain. Contrary to pay-to-win games, players of Axie Infinity are rewarded in real digital assets. It moves beyond the pay-to-win model and breaks down the resource barrier.

Blockchain technology has immense potential to transform various sectors. Gaming is just one of them, and many others are in line. As technology develops, we can expect to see incorporation in a diverse range of fields.



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