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Fast and Interoperable Blockchain Platform Fleta Confirmed its Presence at the AIBC Malta Event

The blockchain platform that carries the aim to offer infrastructure that would have to potential to be applied to real-world business infrastructures with it, Fleta, was present at the AIBC Malta event.

The AIBC event that was held this year in the month of November in Malta, is considered one of the most significant events organized in relation to blockchain and technology. Fleta Blockchain, which is known for providing its users with a fast and secure platform environment with the help of its creative technology.

Talking further about the Enterprise, the user will be provided with the potential to build a mainnet without facing the issues related to scalability, network overload, and sky-high transaction fees. It has notable advantages over other platforms of a private chain as running a node and server on your own.

Know Further About the Fleta Platform

In addition to this, it should be noted that the charges on running nodes and servers are going to be decreased and it has been assured that the most suitable environment for the operations of decentralized applications will be formed.

Crypto enthusiasts just want one thing and it is a low transaction fee with the transaction being carried out within seconds.

Well, what if we tell you there is a platform that offers a wallet in which you can keep Fleta coins and tokens based on Fleta, and carry out a transaction in just a matter of a second? Fleta is one such platform.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the information with notable significance, rewards. By creating Alpha Formulator with 200,000 Fleta, you will be rewarded by the platform on a daily basis. Another thing here to keep note of is that each and every transaction fee on the Fleta mining ecosystem is going to be dispersed to those who own Formulator.

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