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How is Blockchain Reviving the Healthcare Industry?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the world witnessed a global emergency in which the healthcare systems were quickly overwhelmed. The bottlenecks that existed in the healthcare system were brought to the forefront, and people were looking to find efficient solutions for this. Among the many solutions, many experts have suggested that blockchain technology can play an instrumental role in coping with the challenges posed to the healthcare industry.

The main problems of the healthcare industry are transparency in the supply chain and the protection of sensitive information. It has been found that blockchain can play an important role in streamlining the drug and vaccine trials and also help in tracking the delivery of vaccines. Blockchain technology can be used as a reliable tool for removing the barriers associated with data sharing. By utilizing blockchain, value-based care would become more accessible for the people.

Jelvix is one such company that is providing distributed ledger solutions to healthcare organizations. The customized software solutions are developed by engaging with the leading experts in the healthcare sector. A blockchain-based software solution can help healthcare organizations in the following ways –

1. Protecting the data and creating transparency among stakeholders.

2. Reducing the complexity and costs of financial transactions

3. Streamlining the operations by eliminating intermediaries.

4. Improving the effectiveness of the supply chain by tracking product quality, location, and shipment date, among other things.

In this way, it is amply evident that blockchain technologies can be useful when applied to the healthcare industry. The CEO of Jelvix, Sasha Andrieiev, said in an interview recently that the company is working to discover new ways to find the application of blockchain value in the healthcare industry.

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