Monday, December 4, 2023

How blockchain technology is being used to decentralize healthcare by one company

Decentralization, a widely sought after reform initiative in the healthcare sector, has been underway for many years. The present-day healthcare industry is plagued by discrepancies in data accessibility.

As a result, healthcare professionals are unable to utilize insightful data to make advancements in the medical sector. A decentralized platform can give medical researchers easy access to high quality healthcare data which is currently stored across restricted medical networks.

Launch of CURE chain for global healthcare decentralization

The Beckley Foundation, a non-profit company, has founded a project titled CURE chain to open doors for healthcare decentralization. Focused on supporting people suffering from childhood cancer, the organization aims to facilitate the easy accessibility of healthcare services.

In simple terms, CURE is a dynamic blockchain based on NFT – Non-Fungible tokens. CURE can work wonders for helping researchers gain access to useful community-sourced data. The insights derived from the data can speed up the discovery of new cures and treatments.

The best part is that patients who opt for contributing health-related information will be fairly incentivized for the same. The rewards will go a long way in encouraging people to provide data for the purpose of accelerating healthcare improvements.

Moreover, the data collected from patients will not be prone to misuse owing to its anonymous nature. Given the remarkable potential of the CURE chain, healthcare decentralization will take the world by storm and pave the way for quality medical services.

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