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Blockchain Valley Virtual Project Showed Up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event Held in Dubai

Blockchain valley virtual is a 3D virtual metaverse that recreates a master-planned physical smart city near Sofia, Bulgaria. The actual city is created on a two-million-square-meter plot of land in the Kostinbrod area, some 20 kilometers from Sofia.

A business park featuring apartments, offices, restaurants, bars, recreational facilities, and commercial offices will be on one piece of land, while residential sections and luxury villas will be on the other. Blockchain valley virtual also participated in AIBC Dubai Event Companies in 2022.

The metaverse is built on an existing development with complete use rights to duplicate the entire physical smart city in a virtual realm, which is their basic but fundamental appeal. Individuals can purchase both actual and virtual properties in the Blockchain Valley Virtual metaverse, such as a villa or apartment.

This allows owners to create fully unique experiences by decorating their virtual area with NFT artwork.

Blockchain valley virtual’s VISION

In recent decades, the demand for enhanced social media interaction has risen. Individuals and companies are still looking for better ways to communicate and new platforms to provide new and enhanced experiences. The capacity to engage with new and disruptive technologies has substantially enhanced as a result of a technological revolution.

Blockchain valley virtual concentrate on two technologies in particular: blockchain and virtual reality (VR). Due to the pandemic’s increasing desire for social engagement, there has been an unprecedented rush to acquire and engage with blockchain and VR technology.

Their platform promises to give the next stages towards the future of social participation within a global community, whether it’s attending virtual concerts, engaging in live NFT auctions, or purchasing a virtual luxury property.

Blockchain valley virtual offers a revolutionary new platform that combines the powerful advantages of blockchain and virtual reality into a single social networking environment. This area is known as Blockchain Valley Virtual.

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