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Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure company, has received a $1.3 billion valuation in a $155 million funding deal.


Blockdaemon is among the leading blockchain staking infrastructure companies in the world. In a recent Series-B capital round, they have got a funding of $155 million. Blockdaemon’s valuation presently stands at $1.3 billion. The company officials are hopeful that this move will make Blockdaemon even stronger in the coming years. They have revealed plans to extend their operation to other countries. As of now, Singapore, Japan, the U.K., and Germany are on their radar. The recent valuation has made Blockdaemon the largest blockchain infrastructure company for staking and managing nodes. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 was behind the success of the Series B round. It also included big names like Sapphire Ventures, Matrix Capital Management, Morgan Creek Digital, and others. The top seed investors who increased investment are Goldman Sachs, Kenetic, Kraken Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, and Borderless Capital.

Konstantin Richter, the CEO, said that this success in raising capital would make sure that the company works to better its existing infrastructure. Blockdaemon is focused on Defi infrastructure for the future. They also work closely on mechanisms that would integrate traditional financial units with crypto-financial units. Back in June, Blockdaemon had raised $28 million. It was raised through a Series A, which included such big names as Greenspring Associates and Goldman Sachs. As a result of such huge capital investments, experts are predicting a meteoric rise in the blockchain infrastructure ecosystems. Other companies like Coinbase, Alchemy, and Figment have also had success in raising funds.

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