Monday, July 22, 2024

Blockscan Chat, new messaging function for anonymous users, added to Etherescan.

The team that runs Etherscan, a popular blockchain analytics and explorer platform, has launched Blockscan Chat, an instant messaging wallet-to-wallet service based on ethereum. It is still in beta mode. The platform lets users engage in instant chat. They can access their chats using multiple devices. Undesired addresses and spam content can be blocked. Its block explorer notifies when any message is received.

Other Features and Benefits

This platform is an excellent way to communicate with other anons. For example, any anonymous purchase can be negotiated where this tool will prove useful in dealing with the whitehat hackers. These hackers regularly leave notices embedded in Ether transactions. The goal is to communicate and negotiate with crypto-exploited platforms and individuals. Multichain’s last week hack was in the news when a whitehat hacker returned 322 ETH after keeping a big amount as finder’s fee. Another instance was when PolyNetwork last year engaged anon communication through ethereum transactions when negotiations between the victims and culprit took place.

Its Utility

It can provide a platform to request hackers return funds after getting a bounty. Some people have suggested this service can help the NFT market as well. The new solution can be used to hold negotiations between NFT sellers and buyers. It will help lower the fees for both parties that transact through decentralized exchanges like OpenSea.

Blockscan will remove inactive data after 24 months to ensure user privacy. The information will be stored through worldwide hosting providers that have their servers located across different regions.

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