Saturday, July 20, 2024

Bloktopia, a virtual reality metaverse, has teamed up with Animoca Brands, Jake Paul, and Bitboy to provide users with cryptocurrency knowledge.

Bloktopia is a Virtual Reality (VR) metaverse that lets users learn, play, create, and earn. It is the main hub for everything related to cryptocurrency. This decentralized metaverse has entered a partnership with Animoca Brands, Bitboy, Jake Paul, and many more partners to arm users with knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

The VR metaverse is all set to exploit the brightest minds in the crypto world by bringing them all together in a 21-storey skyscraper loaded with educational content. Led by the CEO of Bloktopia, Ross Tavakoli, the skyscraper’s 21 floors commemorate 21 million Bitcoin (BTC).

The new metaverse concept is a central hub that is capable of combining information from various reliable sources. In simple words, it interconnects several isolated experiences in a single engaging and immersive virtual environment. This gives the users an unexpected VR experience.

Let’s try to understand this with an example. Consider that a user explores videos and artwork in a gameplay by navigating into a museum in the virtual world. Then, this avatar participates in an experience in the form of an avatar who craves knowledge to enhance its position with expensive assets and educational accomplishments. This is just an illustration, but the concept of the metaverse is clearly explained by uniting experiences that may seem isolated. The idea is to describe a whole that is more precious than the discrete parts.

The main brands that will occupy a space in this skyscraper as ‘Anchor Tenants’ include Animoca Brands, Polkastarter, Kucoin, Polygon, Collateral, Duckdao, and Avalanche. This list also has influencers like Wendy-O, Bitboy, and Jake Paul. We can expect more such tenants as more partnerships are still underway.

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