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Bloomio Makes a Mark at the AIBC Event This Year

With the rise in the crypto and blockchain industry, the awareness surrounding it has also increased. There are several blockchain and crypto events taking place around the globe. Prominent business events and conferences have included blockchain-based companies for better globalization.

The European continent benefits from both a forward-thinking culture and a drive for a tech-friendly future because it is at the forefront of research and development as well as the home of the SiGMA Group.

AIBC Europe aimed to be a cornerstone in the region’s technological development by bringing together tech experts, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss, share ideas, build collaborations, and set the framework for the industry of the future.

Bloomio is one of the mainstream companies that took part in the vent this year. Bloomio is a blockchain-based seed-stage crowdfunding capital. Individual investors are linked to promising projects through a digital investment platform.

Connecting Promising Startups With The Blockchain Industry

The multi-industry approach has resulted in an average of 2.6 earned media wins per month in blockchain and crypto-specific publications. As a result of partnering with Publicize, Bloomio’s crowdfunding platform’s activity has increased by 420%, as evidenced by a 420% increase in referring domains.

Bloomio is a startup investment platform that matches individual investors with promising startups seeking funding. The Swiss-based firm takes pride in bringing the highest financial standards to startup investment.

The use of blockchain technology is a key component of this. Bloomio provides investors with tokens that represent startup shares, ensuring complete transparency for all parties.

Bloomio’s crypto PR approach aimed to target media sources from a variety of industries. This includes blockchain-related media outlets, startup investment platforms, and the fintech and crowdfunding industries.

To acquire the most exposure, they also targeted tier-one media. To support Bloomio’s goals, they created different narratives within each of these industries’ media.

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