Tuesday, February 27, 2024

BNV to launch beta version of metaverse “BNV World”.

Digital fashion platform BNV plans to roll out a beta version of its own metaverse platform BNV World. It will be specifically developed to showcase complex and intricate digital fashion pieces for citizens of the metaverse.

Visitors, via BNV World, can showcase fashion pieces from a myriad of designers in ultra-realistic 3D. It will feature a platform-exclusive marketplace for BNV products. Moreover, there will be virtual spaces and stages designed for events and digital fashion collection launches. Some areas of the BNV World will be token-gated. It will offer NFT holders different levels of accessibility and wearability.

Richard Hobbs, CEO of BNV, believes the popular metaverse platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox, which have gained traction in Web3 circles because they operate on a permissionless structure, limit their utility as showcases for fashion. He said these platforms are built in extremely simplistic 3D styles. As such, many brands don’t look at The Sandbox as being conducive to fashion. Hobbs said BNV also serves as a conduit between traditional fashion brands and design tools for the metaverse.

He believes creating a virtual space that is first and foremost intended to cater to the visual demands of digital fashion will allow creators to be a lot more creative and explore how fashion can look and be fathomed in the metaverse.

Other brands, especially luxury brands are also exploring the metaverse. Gucci bought an undisclosed amount of virtual land in The Sandbox in February. It intends to build themed spaces and sell digital fashion items. Balmain, a French ultra-luxury fashion house, is also developing a metaverse ecosystem designed to attract its exclusive clientele with tiered and immersive experiences.

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