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Booster packs that allow players to acquire and combat NFT monsters are ready to launch in a new play-to-earn NFT game.


A new company is inviting people to play its online game that lets them earn valuable NFTs by battling the in-game monsters. Advertised as a trading card game, the Block Monsters is a play-to-earn game that barely has any in-game purchases.

They want to bring back the focus on earning your achievements instead of the play-to-win system that has been going on these days. You have to defeat and collect little monsters that they call “Blockmons”.

Inspired by some of the most popular TV shows, each new player will start with a beginner blockmon. You can get into the game with a starter pack and evolve these blockmons into other monsters for more value. Then you can either trade them or work on them and raise their value.

They are like the new digital version of trading cards but much more interactive. The 1st generation has 150 of these blockmons, and your aim should be to collect all of them.

Naturally, some of them will be rarer than others, and you will be able to trade or sell them for a lot of money in the future. As people earn the title of champions, you can get even more collectible items like trophies and other things.

The Blockdex will serve as the marketplace for all the transactions in the Block Monsters world. This is one of the novel ways blockchain is looking to get people into the world of DeFi systems.

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