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Browser Wallet for DeFi, XDEFI Wallet Goes Public


XDEFI Wallet, the browser wallet that has been specifically built for DeFi, has announced the public release of their highly anticipated wallet. Currently, the wallet is only available on the Chrome Store.

According to the team of XDEFI Wallet, it has been specifically designed for DeFi as well as non-fungible tokens. It offers features such as ‘Ape Mode’ that will be redefining the speed in the crypto wallet. As per the website of XDEFI Wallet, the Ape Mode involves using the exclusive gas algorithm that ensures no wasted gas while the transactions reach the next block. When the network gets jammed, users can speed up their transactions by switching to Ape Mode.

As per the Co-Founder and CEO of XDEFI Wallet, Émile Dubié, speed is alpha in DeFi and NFT. With the Ape Mode, the XDEFI Wallet users will have an indispensable edge. They won’t miss any opportunity because of slow transactions.

This wallet has been created for the era of multichain. Users will be able to add new chains automatically and move between protocols. Currently, the wallet involves chains like Terra and THORchain. Soon, they will be adding support for Solana, Arbitrum, and Avalanche. Support for Ethereum as well as other EVM networks has already been added on the platform. Apart from this, the XDEFI wallet will also have a Buy Crypto option that will allow the users to use a third party, Ramp, for bringing fiat into DeFi.

Recently, the XDEFI Wallet managed to raise $6 million from several venture investors and DeFi-centric funds like Alameda Research, Mechanism Capital, Animoca Brands, CoinGecko, Morningstar Ventures, Defiance Capital, Sino Global Capital, and others.

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