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BSC-Listed Elongate Cryptocurrency Wins Award for Best Social Impact Project 2021 at the CED2021

Listed as a cryptocurrency available to trade on the Binance Smart Chain, Elongate is motivated by a vision to bring a change in the world. The team behind Elongate is dedicated to creating an innovative ecosystem to initialize a kind of revolution in the social impact on the blockchain.

Being awarded the Best Social Impact Project on the Blockchain 2021, the cryptocurrency seems to be traveling at pace on the path to its ultimate goal. The supporting community of Elongate is focused on inspiring each other to make the world a better place.

Hasan Aziz and Alex Gambon, the Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Brand Officer of the company respectively, delivered an appreciable presentation at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. As per the official presentation, the ELONGATE ecosystem, which is still in its early stages of development, was announced.

Talking about the new ecosystem, it is part of a new step towards the creation of innovative technological advancements that extends support to their mission. Revealing further, the presentation covered the ethos and mission of the new startup, and to some extent, outlined the roadmap for the token.

Learning More About the Elongate Ecosystem

Discussing further the Elongate token, the platform rewards the holders of the token, a segment of each transaction carried out on their exchange. Additionally, it should be noted that to ensure the sustainability of the coin, tokens are burned with each transaction.

There is a unique reward system that is only accessible to the holders of this token, which is, the users earn a kind of passive income every time someone on the network executes a transaction. Hence, it clearly implies that the longer a user holds the Elongate token, the more rewards he will be able to earn without any hustle, and that’s a complete win-win situation.

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