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BSV Blockchain Enters The AIBC Summit 2022

BSV Blockchain Enters The AIBC Summit 2022

We are living in a period of radical innovation and technical advancement, with the quick appearance, adoption, and integration of multiple new frontier sectors just around the corner.

The AIBC is a worldwide-recognized center for emerging technologies, with the best and brightest from the worlds of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and a variety of other fields convening at the summit. And with BSV’s Blockchain’s presence this year, it was even bigger.

BSV Is The Blockchain For Government and Enterprises

The BSV blockchain is designed to satisfy the needs of large-scale technology applications, including huge transaction volumes, quick processing, predictable low costs, micropayment capabilities, and increased data capacity.

Smart contracts, tokenization, IoT device management, computing, and more are all possible thanks to its advanced technical capabilities. BSV also promotes a blockchain ecosystem that is both environmentally sustainable and complies with regulations, as desired by businesses and governments.

For enterprise-grade apps and services, BSV is the ideal distributed data ledger. Learn how companies are using BSV’s data and micropayment capabilities to gain a competitive edge. BSV provides better openness and efficiency to government bodies and individuals as a massively scalable public chain.

The BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative educates government officials on how blockchain technology may help them and collaborates with them to develop blockchain applications.

Global adoption of blockchain technology necessitates corporations and legislators to become comfortable with industry participants’ legal compliance. We routinely engage with prominent policymakers to advise on the formulation of good policy to ensure the development of a regulatory environment that both supports lawful activity and facilitates innovation.

With BSV, you can quickly and easily send fractions of a US cent anywhere in the world, enabling new micro and nonpayment business models. Because BSV is a public ledger, anyone can verify and certify data and activities performed on it. BSV can be used for stable, decentralized, and low-cost data storage and administration.



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