Sunday, June 16, 2024

BTC contributes to our campaign to topple a 20-year incumbent: Aarika Rhodes.

Aarika Rhodes went from being a schoolteacher to a congressional candidate, thanks to BTC contributions. She spoke at the Bitcoin 2022 event in Sacramento, CA about the effect on local politics by BTC. Rhodes talked about the difficulties faced by grassroots candidates and how instrumental BTC funding was. She was able to run for office against an established candidate and win.

Aarika Rhodes said that getting into office on an integral and basic campaign would not have been possible without help. The Lightning Network and Bitcoin funding made it possible. Her opponent had been in office over 20 years. This unseating of an established candidate is a reminder to all lawmakers that they are in office to serve their constituents.

Rhodes’ opinion on digital currency adoption

Rhodes also said that she believes that local businesses had a big role in the adoption and use of Bitcoin. If regulation is passed and it becomes easier for local businesses to also take BTC payments, it can help local economies thrive again. She talked about the fear and lack of knowledge about crypto and its adoption. She talked about taking time to think and understand what the future is all about. Bitcoin could help alleviate cash crunches and other issues that people had to face during the pandemic. Rhodes reiterated the fact that as Americans, it is best to work together to tackle any problems that arise to make the needed difference in daily life.

Last week, a ruling was passed by a Federal Committee on markets prohibiting high level officials in the federal government from investing in crypto and similar instruments.

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